CharismaThe power of St. Ignatius charisma of Spiritual Exercises is great. It spread all over the world. Pope Paul III confirmed the Spiritual Exercises in 1548 with these words: "We approve, praise, and favor with the present writing the aforesaid instructions and Exercises and all and everything contained in them, and We earnestly exhort all and each of the faithful of both sexes everywhere to employ instructions and Exercises so pious and to be instructed by them." (Pastoralis officii).

Spiritual Exercises are a gift of the Holy Spirit to Church. The first to participate in them was St. Ignatius who’s baptismal name was Iñigo. Iñigo as a lay person gave spiritual exercises to others before he graduated theology and was ordained a priest when he took the name of Ignatius. The Program Iñigo also consists mainly of lay people. The Program Iñigo's charisma is to help others to come to the life of grace and discern their personal vocation in God in the prayerful environment of Spiritual Exercises. Once we have discerned our own personal vocation, we may help others on their inner journey to their personal vocation. Thus our prayer and our life become one through a deeper knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and our personal vocation in Him.